Do you always have to stop for a school bus?

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – There are many rules of the road that we must adhere to, but one of the most important is knowing what to do when lights start flashing on a school bus.

Carol, of Orlando, asked Trooper Steve, however, if there's ever a time you do not have to stop for a bus.

"Florida Law 316.172 specifically says that the driver of a vehicle upon a divided highway with a unpaved space of at least 5 feet, a raised median, or a physical barrier, is not required to stop when traveling in the opposite direction of a school bus that is stopped in accordance with the provisions of this law," Trooper Steve said.

To summarize, any concrete median or large grass divider that separates your car and opposing traffic gives you the OK to continue traveling -- and not stop -- for the school bus.

"Just remember, though, that although the law says you don't have to stop doesn't stop us from driving respectfully," Trooper Steve said. "Always eliminate any and all distractions while behind the wheel, but especially when encountering students."

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