5 things you need to do after being involved in a crash

Trooper Steve provides safety tips

5 things you need to do after being involved in a crash
5 things you need to do after being involved in a crash

ORLANDO, Fla. – Crashes are something we see or hear about every single day but do you guys know what to do if you’re involved in one?

Recently, some minor crashes have resulted in some major injuries because drivers didn’t know what precautions to take.

So I thought, let’s come together and get results with a five-point checklist of things to do if you’re involved in a crash.

  1. Make that phone call. Calling 911 or *FHP ensures that first responders will know to head your way.
  2. Are you OK? Is your car drivable? A lot of drivers think their cars need to stay exactly where the crash occurred. This is not true. Staying in the road could lead to secondary crashes and cause way more harm. Clear the lanes, if you can, and advise law enforcement exactly where you moved it.
  3. Have all your documents ready. Having everything organized all the time sets you up for success. No one wants to be in a crash but having your driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration readily available eases a lot of the stress.
  4. Identify any witnesses and take pictures. After you’ve moved your cars (if you’re able), you’ve notified law enforcement where you are and have all your paperwork accounted for, look around, did anyone see the crash? Get their name and contact information, if possible. Pictures are always a great addition. Nothing, nowhere says you can’t take photos of the other person or their property. Snap away, they should be doing the dame also
  5. Determine if you want or even need a full police crash report.

There are times when you might wait longer than expected for a law enforcement officer to get to your scene.

If you didn’t know, drivers can exchange information on your own, as long as both drivers agree. The key thing to remember, if you want the full police crash report you must wait on scene.

About the Author:

Steven Montiero, better known as “Trooper Steve," joined the News 6 morning team as its Traffic Safety Expert in October 2017. A Central Florida native and decorated combat veteran, Montiero comes to the station following an eight-year assignment with the Florida Highway Patrol.