Daytona Beach police share travel plan information ahead of Daytona 500

Daytona 500 race time scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Sunday

Officials and fans prepare for President Trump to attend the Daytona 500.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The Daytona Beach Police Department is sharing travel plan information as race fans will be in the area for the 62nd annual Daytona 500.

Police said over 100,000 race fans will be in and around Daytona International Speedway on Sunday for the final event of 2020 Speedweeks. Race time is scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

Police are recommending everyone coming to or near the Daytona Beach area to use the information below while making their travel plans:

Parking lots

Daytona Beach International Airport: Leave east via Richard Petty Boulevard and then south on Clyde Morris Boulevard for easy access to the interstates.

Fentress Boulevard: Users of the Best Buy parking lots can exit the west gate onto Bayless Boulevard to access Fentress Boulevard or Williamson Boulevard.

Volusia Mall Parking: Traffic can exit north to Mason Avenue via Bill France Boulevard. Police said a one-way traffic pattern may be in effect to Mason Avenue, at which point drivers can go east or west on Mason Avenue. Traffic can also leave east on International Speedway Boulevard/U.S. 92 through the main entrance/exit at International Speedway Boulevard/U.S. 92, police said.


Police said to expect heavy congestion and no traffic restrictions on the following roads:

  • International Speedway Boulevard/U.S. 92
  • I-4: Use the Beville Road/State Road 400 exit to reach Clyde Morris Boulevard, then head north to access Richard Petty Boulevard. Police said Speedway parking lots will be located west on Perry.
  • Richard Petty Boulevard
  • Williamson Boulevard between Beville Road/State Road 400 and International Speedway Boulevard. Police said parking lots west of the Speedway can be accessed via Williamson Boulevard.


Police said to expect heavy congestion and no traffic restrictions on the following roads:

  • Beville Road: Westbound traffic is urged to take Beville Road/State Road 400 when possible instead of International Speedway Boulevard/U.S. 92 to avoid heavy traffic in the vicinity of the Speedway.
  • International Speedway Boulevard/U.S. 92
  • Jimmy Ann Drive from Volusia Mall to Mason Avenue
  • LPGA Boulevard: Eastbound traffic from International Speedway Boulevard will lead to lengthy delays beyond Champions Drive, police said.

Police said to expect heavy congestion and traffic restrictions on the following roads:

  • Bill France Boulevard: May be one-way traffic north from West International Speedway Boulevard to Mason Avenue. Access from Mason to Clyde Morris Boulevard will be restricted.
  • Clyde Morris Boulevard: Southbound traffic will be restricted at LPGA Boulevard. Police said northbound traffic will be restricted at Jimmy Ann Drive and forced to use Bill France Boulevard.
  • Dunn Avenue: Will be restricted to local traffic only between Clyde Morris Boulevard and Williamson Boulevard.
  • Fentress Boulevard: Southbound turns will be restricted at Mason Avenue. Police said business traffic will be accommodated.
  • Interstate 95: Northbound traffic may be blocked from using the exit ramps at LPGA Boulevard (Exit 265) and Granada Boulevard/State Road 40 (Exit 268). If so, police said to use the U.S. 1 exit near Destination Daytona (Exit 273). Southbound traffic will not be affected.
  • Richard Petty Boulevard: May be one-way traffic east to Clyde Morris Boulevard. Police said drivers must turn right from Richard Petty Boulevard onto Clyde Morris Boulevard, then continue west on Beville Road/State Road 400 or go south on Clyde Morris Boulevard to access I-95 or I-4.
  • Thames Road: All traffic leaving Volusia Square Mall will be sent south on Thames Road to Williamson Boulevard.
  • Williamson Boulevard: Southbound traffic will be restricted at International Speedway Boulevard, police said. One-way traffic southbound from the Speedway’s Gate 40 to Beville Road/State Road 400.

Police recommend following @DBPDTraffic on Twitter for official real-time updates.

Security steps up for the Daytona 500 with President Trump among the attendees.