Trooper Steve gives the lowdown on confusing traffic signs

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions about the rules of the road, helping Orlando-area residents become better drivers by being better educated.

An viewer wanting to remain anonymous asked, “What is the difference between a sign that says ‘Stop Here on Red’ and a sign that says, ‘No Turn on Red?’”

“Stop Here on Red” is an instructional sign indicating where drivers are required to stop for the red traffic signal.

“When this sign is posted, it usually is a little further back than where you think you would stop,” Trooper Steve said. "Usually, this is because of a possible visual obstruction or because of a specific crosswalk in that area. After completing the stop at the designated spot, you would be allowed to make a right on red -- if the situation was safe to do so."

“No Turn on Red” means exactly that.

“Whatever the situation is or whatever other signs are there, this sign is indicating that under no circumstances are you allowed to make a right turn during the course of your red traffic signal,” he said. “Rarely are these two signs found at the same intersection, but if they are, you would stop where the ‘Stop Here on Red’ sign indicates and not make a right turn until the light is green.”

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