What The Honk: Yes, this grill is on

Trooper Steve discerns the improper from the inconsiderate

ORLANDO, Fla. – It was a bittersweet moment not seeing as many HONKS as I expected during spring break, but it’s nice to know that things went semi-well.

You need to make a decision. (Copyright 2023 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

Some drivers like to have options and I guess this driver of the Kia hasn’t fully decided which lane they want to be in.

This was down in the St Cloud area and other than not being in a designated lane, they are also blocking the crosswalk. We make this way harder than it is.

This dirt bike doesn't belong on the roadway. (Copyright 2023 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

My intention with this one specifically is to really drive home a safety factor here.

These dirt bikes and recreational vehicles are not designed to be on the public roadway. They do not have the proper safety equipment and riders tend to be reckless when riding them.

This is unregistered and has no place in traffic.

Is this thing on? (Copyright 2023 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.)

Remind me not to be behind this driver if I’m out and hungry.

This was sent to me because of two different things that stuck out. First, the grill is active and something is definitely grilling up, then of course, where is the license plate? Working out in the field can be challenging but make sure your plate is good and that grill is secure. Oh and keep a steak on the side for me.

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