Coal ash from Puerto Rico will no longer be dumped at Osceola landfill

Final shipment already left island

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – The importation of thousands of pounds of coal ash from Puerto Rico to be dumped at an Osceola County landfill is coming to an end.

During a meeting on Monday, Osceola County commissioners announced that the shipment that left the island Friday for JED Landfill will be the last one.

Officials from JED said they heard outcry from the public, which prompted them to terminate the contract that allowed for importation. The contract was initially scheduled to run until December.

The agreement allowed the county to receive $2 for every ton of coal combustion from coal-fired power plants in Puerto Rico. The county was expected to receive 325,000 tons, or 650 million pounds.

The landfill will still receive coal ash from other locations across the state of Florida.