Brevard hardware stores running out of plywood

Lowe's says more is on way

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – Hardware stores across Central Florida are getting picked clean of supplies to protect customers' homes from the possible high winds of Hurricane Dorian.

Store shelves that used to hold plywood in many locations, such as the Home Depot in Merritt Island, are bare.

"I'm worried," said Osmond Ebanks, who decided to purchase corrugated steel to protect his Cocoa Beach home.   "This stuff is pretty good because it’s light enough, but at the same time it’s got strength to it."

Ebanks likens Hurricane Dorian to a buzz saw that will soon be over Central Florida.

"It just keeps on twirling and keeps on cutting at you. You know what? I’m very concerned," he said.

News 6 contacted Lowe's Home Improvement and Home Depot to see if they would be restocking the empty shelves of plywood and other supplies.

Only Lowe's answered.

Sarah Lively, a company spokesperson, said trucks were already on their way to the Central Florida area to restock.

She also said they will be working to restock the stores quickly after the storm hits. 

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