Orlando businessman leading relief effort to Bahamas

Co-owner of Regal Boats has family ties to the islands

ORLANDO, Fla. – This week, Duane Kuck countered Hurricane Dorian's attack on the Bahamas by rescuing 15 to 20 residents, including some of his relatives stranded on Marsh Harbor.

Kuck, co-owner of Regal Boats in Orlando, gathered a network of volunteers and businesses this week  to bring supplies into the hardest-hit areas, including Marsh Harbor, Manowar Cay and Elbow Cay.

"It's gone, the businesses are gone," Kuck said. "No restaurants, no marinas, nothing."

Kuck is part of the First Orlando relief effort that has assembled pilots to assist in flying supplies into the islands.


His wife, Cindy Kuck, was born in the Bahamas, and her family, including her aunt and uncle, were two of the 20 they were able to fly to Nassau this week.

"I can't even watch the TV anymore," she said. "Those aren't just pictures, those are my loved ones that lost everything."

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Kuck was on the ground surveying the damage. He said the businesses 
are gone and what the residents knew as home for many will never be the same.


"They've been through many hurricanes for years and years," Kuck said. "But this Cat 5, it's devastating."

News 6 will continue following the relief effort the rest of the year.

If you want to make a donation or need more information about the relief effort, go to FirstOrlando.com.

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