Winter’s Revenge: Massive Midwest blizzard to deliver coldest air of the season to Central Florida

Widespread frost possible in Central Florida Tuesday, Wednesday

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The record warmth is no more around these parts.

By early next week, the coldest air of the season will settle into Central Florida. Friday, an old-fashioned Midwest blizzard is getting underway.

While we obviously won’t be dealing with the heavy snow that is falling up north, that same system will deliver the chill to the south.

These systems thrive off of vast temperature differences across the country. While most of Central Florida has been breaking high temperature records this week, the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains have been dealing with frigid air.

It has felt 100 degrees colder at times this week in parts of the Upper Midwest when compared to Central Florida.

Winter storm and blizzard warnings are in effect for large portion of the Dakotas and Minnesota. More than a foot of snow is possible in Central Minnesota, but the more dangerous part of this storm is the wind. Winds at times could gust to 50 mph or more making travel impossible.

This storm will dislodge air that as of Friday is hanging out in Alaska and Western Canada. The temperatures, of course, will modify greatly by the time the blast of Arctic air arrives in Central Florida Tuesday into Wednesday.

Frost Potential Next Week

Temperatures will be conducive to the development of widespread frost Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. In order for frost to develop, skies need to be clear, temperatures need to be 32 or lower and the wind has to be calm.

The breeze may remain elevated enough as a storm develops off the Florida coast to prevent widespread frost from developing, but it’s a good idea to start making plans to cover or bring in plants Monday and Tuesday nights.

With the winds staying breezy Tuesday and Wednesday morning, it could feel like the low 30s and even upper 20s. Temperatures rise back to the 70s by Thursday.

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