Forecasting Change: Orlando among hundreds of cities to experience record-hot summer

Record highs outpacing record lows

Cities that experienced record-hot summers.
Cities that experienced record-hot summers. (Climate Central)

ORLANDO, Fla. – In the U.S., 452 different cities had a top 10 record-hot summer. Orlando is one of those cities.

In 55 others, this summer goes into the books as the hottest summer on record.

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With autumn now officially here, we can place summer 2020 as the fourth hottest on record for the contiguous states in the USA. Globally this summer of June, July, and August ranks third hottest.

And it’s not just “the summer” season that is giving us cause for concern.

This chart below shows that from January to August, local record highs outpaced record lows. The pace for Orlando is through the roof. This is a hallmark of climate change as global temps continue to increase.

Record weather in Orlando.
Record weather in Orlando. (Climate Central)

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