Will temperatures reach the 90s this week in Central Florida?

There is no chance of meaningful rain in the next 5 days

ORLANDO, Fla. – Are you ready for some heat?

Temperatures hit a daytime high of 81 degrees this afternoon at the Orlando International Airport on Wednesday.

This was six degrees above normal. Orlando did not reach a record, but it was a warm day and the start of a warmer run.

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Wednesday night, Central Florida will drop to a low of 54 degrees in Orlando.

Temperatures will reach 81 degrees on Thursday.

On Friday, temperatures are expected to hit 84 degrees in Central Florida.

Central Florida has not had a 90-degree day in Orlando since Oct. 29 when temperatures climbed to 91.

The next five days will push Central Florida close to the 90-degree mark.

The high on Saturday will be 85 degrees, Sunday goes to at least 86 degrees.

On Monday the high will be in the upper 80s.

Some spots may make it to 90. The actual forecast high for Monday in Orlando is 87.

There is no chance of meaningful rain in the next five days.

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