Looking back at Hurricane Ian 🌀

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Letter from Tom Sorrells 📧

ORLANDO, Fla. – What a difference a week can make. This time last Thursday we were getting blasted. The after-effects from Ian are still with us and will be for some time.

On behalf of the team here at WKMG News 6 I want to take this opportunity to thank you for staying with us through this storm. When we figured out last week that Ian was shaping up to be a “Generational Hurricane” and would be packing “catastrophic damage” we set out to make sure you — the viewer, and user of our information — understood what was on the way.

We went into round-the-clock coverage Wednesday through Friday. Our reporters covered the storm from the Gulf coast to the East Coast. They covered the flooding and impacts in every county. I even got the chance to take a Sky 6 helicopter tour of Central Florida to show to see, and show, the impacts of the flooding from above. The scene of elderly assisted living people being boated to dry land, and an elementary school with feet of water in every classroom were hard to see.

As we carry on into the “New Normal” of stronger, wetter, meaner hurricane season we promise to keep you informed every step of the way. From our newscast to ClickOrlando.com and even here on this newsletter.

We know you have lots of choices for News and Weather...we thank you for picking News 6.

Water Levels Still Rising 🚧

Hey insiders, it’s meteorologist Candace Campos.

Although Hurricane Ian had weakened by the time it moved into Central Florida, it still dumped record amounts of rain. Click here to see how much rain fell in your area. All that water rose levels in lakes and rivers, many overflowing their banks sending rushing water into homes and businesses throughout the area. The stories after the storm are heartbreaking, with so many residents up to their chest in floodwaters.

But even a week later, the impacts from all that rain are still being felt by many of our neighbors in Central Florida as many lakes and rivers crested at record levels over the past week.

Unfortunately, there are still some waterways that are still seeing water levels rise through the weekend. Click here to see the forecast for areas along the St Johns River and other waterways still at flood stage.

If you would like to help... Click here for ways on how you can donate to those who lost everything.

Drier & Cooler Days Continue ☀️🌡️

You don’t need me to tell you. You know, it has been a ROUGH couple of weeks!

With so much devastation and destruction after Hurricane Ian, we deserve a BREAK!

Hey Insiders! Meteorologist Troy Bridges here.


We are finally getting a break at least from rain chances and all of the heat and humidity we’ve been so used to.

We just need flood waters to finally recede.

After weeks of extreme heat and of course the devastation from Hurricane Ian, we are finally getting fall-like weather with low rain chances and cooler mornings (some areas started out in the 40s and 50s this week)!

As we get closer to the weekend, we will start to see a little bit more moisture building into Central Florida. Rain chances will still be low, but they will not be out of the picture altogether.

For more on increasing rain chances for the weekend and how much warmer you can expect it to get click here.

About the Authors:

Tom Sorrells is News 6's Emmy award winning chief meteorologist. He pinpoints storms across Central Florida to keep residents safe from dangerous weather conditions.

From chasing tornadoes and tracking the tropics, to forecasting ice storms and other dangerous weather, Troy Bridges has covered it all! Troy is an award-winning meteorologist who always prepares you for the day ahead on the News 6 Morning News.