Breezy vs. Windy: What’s the difference?

Terms describing sustained winds speeds

ORLANDO, Fla. – Some days the wind can play a big role in your outdoor plans. From a day at the beach to a picnic in the park, the winds can really make or break your day out. Even more so when winds become dangerous and destructive.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a defined difference between the terms like windy versus breezy. And is measured categorized by the sustained wind speed, meaning winds lasting over two minutes. A sudden burst of wind is called a wind gust, lasting less than 20 seconds.

Breakdown of Weather Terms

  • Light/Variable Wind: 0-5mph
  • No Description: 5-10mph or 10-15mph
  • Breezy/Brisk/Blustery: 15-25 mph
  • Windy: 20-30mph
Breezy vs Windy Graphic
  • Very Windy: 30-40mph
  • Strong/High/Damaging: +40mph
  • Gale: 45-55mph
  • Whole Gale: 55-65mph
  • Storm Force: 65-75mph
  • Hurricane Force: +75mph

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