Weather Alert Day: Here’s what that means

Special notice issued when weather threatens life, property

Hail pummels Brevard County after storms roll through Central Florida on back-to-back days

ORLANDO, Fla. – When News 6 declares a Weather Alert Day, you should certainly be “weather-aware.”

“A Weather Alert Day in Central Florida when the weather gets dangerous enough to threaten your life,” News 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells said. “We’ll keep you updated on your PinPoint forecast every day, but on certain days you really have to pay attention to the weather to keep your family safe -- that’s a Weather Alert Day.”

Here’s what triggers a Weather Alert Day from News 6.

  • Widespread severe thunderstorms containing large hail, damaging wind or the possibility of tornadoes. These storms will also contain torrential rain and lightning
  • Heavy rain that could cause flooding
  • Excessive heat that could be dangerous to your health if outdoors for an extended period of time
  • Extreme cold that could be dangerous to you or your pets
  • Extreme cold that could damage plumbing or kill plants and crops
  • Impacts from a tropical system
  • Strong non-thunderstorm winds that could cause damage or power outages
  • Fog so thick and widespread that it is dangerous to drive

If the weather is expected to be below severe levels but could still disrupt your day, News 6 will declare an Inconvenient Weather Day.

About the Author:

Jonathan Kegges joined the News 6 team in June 2019 as the Weekend Morning Meteorologist. Jonathan comes from Roanoke, Virginia where he covered three EF-3 tornadoes and deadly flooding brought on by Hurricanes Florence and Michael.