Here’s how many times a hurricane has hit Florida in June

Hurricane landfalls in June extremely rare

ORLANDO, Fla.Hurricane season is upon us and while the start of the year is typically quiet, hurricanes do occasionally form in the season’s first month.

Most storms in June form off cold fronts that stall over the Gulf of Mexico or the Southeast U.S.

Thunderstorm activity over Central America can also be a source for potential tropical development in June.

June tropical breeding grounds

While we do look for development close to home this time of the year, hurricane strikes in Florida during the month of June are very rare.

June Hurricane Landfalls in Florida since late 1800s.

Since the late 1800s, there have only been five hurricanes to make landfall in the Sunshine State. The strongest was Alma in 1966. Alma first impacted the Dry Tortugas before coming ashore in the Panhandle.

Hurricane Bonnie in 1986 was the last hurricane to make landfall in June in the U.S., lashing Texas, north of Galveston.

Hurricane development is very quiet through June and July and typically ramps up as August begins. The peak of hurricane season occurs September 10.

There is a significant increase in hurricane activity from the middle of August through October.

Hurricane season runs from June through November.

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