Global warming: Climate scientist says Orlando is hotter than it should be

How climate change is impacting Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – We all feel it when we step outside. It’s hot. Now, a climate scientist confirms Central Florida is heating up faster than the rest of the world.

Dr. Daniel Gifford with Climate Central sat down with Tom Sorrells on Talk to Tom to explain why the Orlando area has increased by 2 degrees while the rest of the world has only gone up by 1 degree on average.

He said climate change is to blame and his organization uses the Climate Shift Index to measure it.

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Gifford said the CSI is designed to measure, “how different are the temperatures you are experiencing today compared to what they would have been if climate change had never happened.”

The CSI compares weather from 100 years ago, before greenhouse gases, to today’s climate. The organization has found if the regular temperature for the day would be 92 degrees, it is now 94 degrees.

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He said this shift will be felt more during very hot or very cold days.

You will also notice that the evenings are hotter than they used to be.

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