Forecasting Change: Think ‘feels like’ temps are going up? You’re not wrong

Orlando seeing more days with heat index above 90

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The last two weeks we have been having some really hot days. The heat index is leading our weather story more days than not. This week on Forecasting Change we take at look at the increase in “Heat Index Days.”

According to Climate Central’s analysis of 201 locations across the U.S., the number of days each year with a heat index of at least 90°F has increased since 1979. On average, there has been a rise of 10 days in these locations.

Since 1979 in Orlando, we have increased our days with a heat index above 90 by almost a full three weeks.

Heat Index Climate Central

In Miami, the numbers are even higher!

Miami Climate Central

The regions most affected by this trend are the South, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest, which have witnessed the most significant increase in the number of days with a high heat index.

While the heat index poses health risks, it’s important to note that serious heat-related illnesses can be prevented through appropriate measures.

Heat-related illnesses become more prevalent when the heat index reaches 90°F or higher.

Heat Impacts Climate Central

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