Is it legal for residents to post fake speed limit signs that are lower than the actual speed limit?

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The question addressed is, “Is it legal for residents in a neighborhood to put up fake speed limit signs that are lower than the normal speed limit?” The question was submitted by Chad M.

According to Montiero, the answer is no.

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“At no point in time would it be legal for someone to replace a legal speed limit sign with one of a different speed. The signs are placed by the Florida Department of Transportation and are certified on a number of levels. From the material to the height to the size, they are governed under a certain rule and regulation,” Montiero said.

Not only is it dangerous, but Montiero said it could come with complicated consequences.

“Not only would replacing something like that be illegal but the charges that would come would not be as simple as one might think. First charge that comes to mind would be grand theft,” Montiero said. “But I don’t think that is what the main question, is I just wanted to address it just in case someone would bring that up, someone always does.”

Montiero said there are legal ways to make people pay closer attention to their speed.

“Any resident can really put any sign out that they want on their yard as long as it wasn’t in violation of, maybe, your local homeowners association. A personally bought sign that is placed in the yard to warn drivers that children are at play in the area or of a possible disabled child in the area is perfectly legal,” Montiero said. “The most common one that comes to mind is the small little green turtle with the bright orange flag that has a speed limit of 5-10 miles per hour posted on it. This is simply to get your attention and slow down. There is nothing illegal about it and it should serve as a warning that you need to pay attention to your speed.”

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