Tips for reporting, preventing bullying in Orlando-area schools

Public schools offer online reporting tools with policies, hotlines

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Central Florida school leaders aim to provide a safe learning environment for students, which is why each district implements resources to stop bullying from spreading.

Ways to prevent bullying include teaching children what bullying is, modeling open communication, providing encouragement and being a model for children on how to treat others. Anonymous hotlines, such as the SpeakOut Hotline, give students the ability to speak out and be protected. 

Each public school district suggests calling the SpeakOut Hotline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477). 

Here are the resources that are available for parents and students in each public school district in the Central Florida area:

Brevard County
The Brevard County Public Schools website provides links for parents, staff or students to fill out incident reports. Students and parents can find additional presentations about what students need to know in elementary and high school.

Flagler County
The "See Something, Say Something" page on the Flagler County's Public Schools website allows a person to report an incident. The form gives instructions to provide the victim's name to start an investigation, and the person can give their contact name and email to receive a response. The district  also provides links for bullying prevention through Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. 

Lake County
Lake County Schools provides programs and educational tools to fight bullying in schools. National Bullying Prevention Month in October is highlighted with different events in the district, at each school level. Policies, reporting forms with an anonymous option, parent resources and other programs are just a click away. 

Marion County
Marion County Public Schools asks students and parents to call a Safe School coordinator and offers various programs from Safe Schools. The district provides parents with anti-bullying resources and other parenting resources. The anti-bullying policy comes straight from the code of student conduct for elementary and high school students. 

Orange County
Act 4 Change is the anti-bullying campaign for Orange County Public Schools. Additional resources for learning about bullying and how to report bullying can be found online. The district provides parents with informational videos about bullying. Public records for anti-bullying can be found on page 30 in the code of student conduct and the Safe Schools policy

Osceola County
The School District of Osceola County website lists the option to report bullying online. The website is monitored during regular business hours, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students and parents can fill out a form and read the Osceola County School District Policy against bullying and harassment

Polk County
Polk County Public Schools provides several FAQs about bullying on its website, along with presentations about bullying, an anti-bullying policy and an online anonymous form. The district offers counseling and psychological services for victims of bullying. A crisis intervention team and school security are available to investigate situations and promote safety at schools. In addition, parents can find resource centers and when and where classes are offered.

Seminole County
Parents and students can find information about bullying prevention and the corresponding policy on the Seminole County Public Schools website. The website also lists various links to more information about bullying and what schools do to support anti-bullying efforts, such as staff training and schoolwide and classroom-level prevention. Parents can find more resources and services online. 

Sumter County
By using the interactive policies feature on the Sumter County Public Schools website, parents can find specific policies regarding bullying, threats and intimidation along with additional resources available through PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center. Parents can find the district bullying and harassment policy on page 22 in the parent guide

Volusia County
The Volusia County Schools website includes a bullying and harassment prevention, intervention and documentation guide. Several forms to report bullying and/or harassment and steps to report these issues can be found starting at page 31 of the guide. Parents can also find tips and strategies for preventing bullying here