How do I know if my fire extinguisher is working?

Orange County Fire Rescue explains how to check extinguishers

(Apopka Fire Department)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Something most people don't realize is that fire extinguishers have expiration dates, and many of them are also single-use only.

News 6 teamed up with Orange County Fire Rescue's assistant fire marshal, Inez Pressler, to educate the community on what they need to know about fire extinguishers.

Pressler said how long your fire extinguisher is good for depends on the manufacturer's instructions or recommendations. Some can be recharged and some are one-time use only, which is another thing to know when buying a fire extinguisher.

Pressler said fire extinguishers are generally good for three to 12 years.

"They'll have an expiration date at the bottom," Pressler said. "Check that and check the extinguisher and make sure that it's not dented, it's not rusted, that the hose is still in good condition, that it's not outside of the charged area."

If your fire extinguisher doesn't pass those safety checks it should be replaced immediately.

Pressler recommends you keep the extinguisher in a spot where it can easily be grabbed on your way out of wherever you may be.

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