This is the most searched Thanksgiving food in Florida

Roasted turkey, Pumpkin cheesecake top list for the Sunshine State

The most-searched savory Thanksgiving food.
The most-searched savory Thanksgiving food.

Not sure what to cook for Thanksgiving? You could turn to Google to see what everyone is searching for.

It’s no surprise that roasted turkey is the most-searched Thanksgiving recipe across nine states, including Florida, according to Housemethod.com. It is the star dish of the day. And surprisingly, only one state -- Kentucky -- had deep-fried turkey as its No. 1 item.

If only nine of 50 states are dominantly searching for roasted turkey, what are the others most interested in?

When it comes to casseroles, that’s what the Midwest wants to cook, specifically green bean casserole and corn casserole.

Looking at the overall results, there are many regional trends that emerge.

The most-searched savory Thanksgiving food.
The most-searched savory Thanksgiving food.

Overall savory results:

  • Roasted turkey – 9 states, (Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia) Sweet potato casserole – 3 states, (Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee)
  • Yams – 4 states, (Alaska, California, Nevada, Utah)
  • Salad – 6 states, (Arizona, Washington D.C., Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Vermont)
  • Dressing (stuffing) – 6 states, (Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas)
  • Green bean casserole – 5 states, (Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Wisconsin)
  • Mashed potatoes – 3 states, (Colorado, Montana, Oregon)
  • Honey Baked Ham – 1 state, (Georgia)
  • Turkey gravy – 2 states, (Hawaii, Washington)
  • Corn casserole – 3 states, (Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska)
  • Deep-fried turkey – 1 state (Kentucky)
  • Roasted carrots – 2 states, (Maine, New Hampshire)
  • Scalloped potatoes – 1 state, (North Dakota)
  • Deviled eggs – 4 states, (Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming)
  • Turkey – 1 state, (Pennsylvania)

We know that savory dishes are staples for Thanksgiving, but let’s not forget the sweets.

According to search results, Floridians are most interested in pumpkin cheesecake, along with four other states.

The most popular dessert search was pumpkin pie and brownies with 15 states each.

The south loves its pecan pie, while the majority of the Midwest and West coast states want pumpkin pie.

The most shocking result was that only one state was searching for apple pie.

The most-searched sweet Thanksgiving food.
The most-searched sweet Thanksgiving food.

Overall dessert results:

  • Pecan pie – 6 states, (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas)
  • Apple fritters – 4 states, (Connecticut, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Oklahoma)
  • Pumpkin pie – 15 states, (Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming)
  • Pumpkin cheesecake – 5 states, (Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Nevada)
  • Brownies – 15 states, (Washington D.C., Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia)
  • Apple pie – 1 state, (Vermont)
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies – 1 state, (Maine)
  • Sweet potato pie – 4 states, (Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina)
The most-searched Thanksgiving food.
The most-searched Thanksgiving food.

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