5 podcasts to help you crush your goals in the new year

Add these to your library to get smarter, stay motivated

ClickOrlando.com's Brianna Volz breaks down podcasts that can help you crush your goals this year.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A new year comes with new goals, and for every goal you set, there’s a podcast out there that can help you achieve it.

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to get more physically fit, or maybe you’re looking to save money. Your resolution could even be as simple as making a resolution and actually sticking to it, which isn’t always actually that simple. Regardless of what you’ve set out to accomplish this year, there’s a podcast to be enjoyed during the next car ride that can help keep you motivated along the way.

Here are five podcasts to help you start your year on the right foot:

Health and wellness

Looking to eat better, sleep better or start and stick to a fitness routine? Dr. Rangan Chatterjee wants to help. As someone who has practiced medicine for nearly 20 years, Chatterjee believes he can break down everything you need to know to reach your optimal health, and he’s made it his mission, too.

“We have over complicated health, he says. “I want to simplify it.”

Chatterjee‘s podcast, “Feel Better, Live More,” focuses on four pillars of health: food, movement, sleep and relaxation.

According to his website, “Feel Better, Live More” is the No. 1 health podcast in the United Kingdom and regularly tops the iTunes charts.

A new episode is released every Wednesday.

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Other health podcasts you may want to give a listen:


If you want to be more informed about money this year you aren’t alone. The good news is, finance expert Farnoosh Torabi can help. Torabi hosts weekly chats in her award-winning podcast “So Money” on all things finance, including how to get out of debt, how to handle your finances when other people are involved and launching and growing your own business.

Each week, she talks to top business minds, influencers and others about their financial journeys, breaking down what went right for them and what didn’t.

“Of all the finance podcasts around, ‘So Money’ proves to be a solid choice for millennials or anyone else who’s just getting started on their personal finance journey,” TheBalance.com wrote, naming her podcast the best for finance beginners.

Tune in every Friday to hear Torabi answer all your biggest questions about money.

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Other finance podcasts you may want to try:

Leadership and professionalism

Are you hoping to get a promotion this year? Maybe you want to be taken more seriously in a professional setting, or be seen as a leader?

“The Go-Giver” podcast with Bob Burg is meant to teach you all about that.

In the show, which is based on the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from the international bestseller, “The Go-Giver,” Burg and his guests cover various topics, like why humor in the workplace matters, how to build a powerhouse and manage your attention and even how you can benefit from struggling.

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Other leadership-related podcasts you may want to give a listen:


If you want to be a better partner, parent, sibling or friend, you’ll want to check out “Optimal Relationships Daily.”

This podcast is unique because it does the research you could do online, for you.

Here’s how the hosts describe the podcast:

“I read you the best content on relationships, including dating, marriage, parenting, and more, with author permission,” the podcast’s iTunes description says.

With more than 300 episodes already posted, you can find one to cover every relationship-related topic you can think of, including tips for raising children, becoming someone you love and how to give more to the people in your life.

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Other relationship-related podcasts you may want to give a listen:

Stretching your brain

If you never lost that sense of curiosity your parents first noticed in you as a toddler and you still ask how or why things are the way that they are, you have got to listen to “BrainStuff.”

Even if you’re not all that curious, but you’re looking to expand your knowledge in areas you may not be comfortable with, this podcast is worth the listen, especially if you’re short on time.

Why do we drop a ball on New Year’s Eve? How long would it take to walk around the world? Do dogs have belly buttons? This podcast takes all the weird questions we’ve all had (or not had) and answers them in less than 10 minutes each day.

Listen to this one enough and you’ll become that person we all know who has a wealth of knowledge on things people may never need to know. It certainly gets your brain juices flowing.

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Other podcasts that help expand your knowledge:

Can you think of any podcasts we should add to the list? Send your suggestions to BVolz@wkmg.com.