Crime and adorable punishment: Unicorn-thieving pup steals hearts, gets new home

Sisu knows basic commands and ‘loves unicorns from Dollar General’

Sisu and his purple Unicorn from Dollar General. (Image credit: Duplin Animal Services) (SHANNON JOHNSTONE, WKMG 2021)

After a stray dog continuously broke into a North Carolina Dollar General store to steal a fluffy purple unicorn the store had no choice but to report the theft to authorities.

Animal Control responded after the fifth incident where the brown-and-white pup stole the unicorn from the Duplin County store, according to CNN.

The responding Animal Control officer decided to purchase the toy for the 1-year-old shoplifter before taking him to Duplin County Animal Services on March 21.

“This is what happens when you break into the Dollar General consistently to steal the purple unicorn that you (lay) claim to but then get animal control called to lock you up for your B & E and larceny but the officer purchases your item for you and brings it in with you,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

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The shelter shared photos and a short bio for the dog, now named Sisu, on Facebook and quickly his new humans saw his skills went far beyond fetch or rollover.

Sisu and his purple Unicorn at Duplin County Animal Services in North Carolina. (WKMG 2021)

The post reads, “very obedient with people ... Knows sit, lay, heel and loves unicorns from Dollar General.”

What’s not to love?

A few days later the shelter shared the good news: Sisu, and his unicorn friend, had stolen the hearts of some humans and now has a forever home.

Before leaving the shelter in Kenansville, North Carolina Sisu got a photo-shoot with his unicorn pal.

The response to the stuffed animal-thieving Sisu has been good news for the shelter where there are still many more pups who need homes.

Anyone interested in donating to the shelter can do so via Paypal or mailing address at P.O. Box 950 Kenansville, North Carolina 28349.

“Unicorns welcomed,” the shelter wrote.

Sisu and his purple Unicorn were both adopted from Duplin County Animal Services. (WKMG 2021)