🔓 What’s up with the lock icon on ClickOrlando.com stories?

Some content will be exclusive to News 6 Insiders

ORLANDO, Fla. – You’ve likely noticed a new feature on ClickOrlando.com: a lock icon ahead of some headlines.

But what does it mean?

As part of our new News 6 Insider program, some select content will require users to become an Insider in order to view the information.

Insider is a free membership program that allows you to comment on ClickOrlando.com stories. Insider also features cool contests, unique content, behind-the-scenes videos and the ability for you to gain a voice in News 6 coverage decisions.

Don’t worry, though, critical information and breaking news stories won’t ever be locked. And in case you’re wondering, News 6 has no plans to create a paywall for any of its content.

Signing up is a simple four-step process.

Welcome, Insider. We’re glad you’re here.