Ways to reuse your pumpkins after Halloween

There’s more than just eating seeds

Don’t just let your carved pumpkin sit there for days after Halloween and rot.

There are things you can do with your orange gourd to recycle it.

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From eating it to composting and feeding animals, there’s a wide range of options to ensure your pumpkin doesn’t go to waste.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, here are clever ways to recycle your carved Halloween decoration.

Eat your pumpkin

Let’s start with the most widely known fact: Most pumpkins can be consumed by eating toasted pumpkin seeds or creating a puree from the insides.

Donate your pumpkin

For a less involved use, many places like zoos, animal shelters, farms or community gardens will take your pumpkin off your hands.

Feed the wildlife

If you don’t mind a yard full of birds, you can turn your pumpkin into a bird feeder by leaving it out or hanging it from a tree filled with bird seed.

Compost your pumpkin

If you have a compost pile, throw that pumpkin right in. It makes a great addition to what you’re already doing. You should remove the seeds first so you don’t start growing pumpkins in the pile.

Create a game

If you want to have a little fun, find a game you can play with your pumpkin like bowling or catapulting it in an open area where no one will get hurt.