How often should you wash your bedding?

From sheets to mattresses, make sure you’ve got regular cleaning schedule

The average person spends dozens of hours each week sleeping in their beds, which is plenty of time to accrue dirt, sweat, oil, dead skin, dust mites and other gross gunk on sheets and bedding.

With that in mind, it’s important to give your bedding a wash on the regular, according to the Sleep Foundation.

The group says that most people should wash their sheets once per week, though if they don’t sleep on their mattress, they can likely stretch that threshold to once every two weeks or so.

However, if you have pets — especially so if you let them sleep in your bed — it’s a good idea to wash your sheets every three-to-four days instead, the organization states. Those with allergies or asthma are urged to do so even more often, as it can help with symptoms.

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You should also try to wash your sheets more frequently during the summer months, Sleep Foundation says, as that’s the time of year that you’ll likely see more sweat and allergens getting trapped in the sheets.

As for other types of bedding, Sleep Foundation recommends the following wash schedules:

  • Pillowcases — Once per week
  • Duvet Covers — Once every two weeks/Once per month
  • Comforters — Once every two-to-three months
  • Blankets — Once every two-to-three months
  • Pillows — Once every four-to-six months (if washable)

In addition to these suggestions, Sleep Foundation also cautions to check the manufacturer’s care instructions if possible.

It’s also advised that mattresses be cleaned once every six months or so to increase the lifespan of your mattress and bedding.

According to Sleep Foundation, it’s important to replace your mattress every six to eight years to make sure that you get consistently effective sleep.

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