Learn ways to help ‘sea cows’ on Manatee Appreciation Day

Manatees Ready to Return to FL. SwimShady, Alby, and Manhattan set to leave in early October (Cincinnati Zoo)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Today is Manatee Appreciation Day and there is still much to do to prevent the decline of our beloved sea cows.

Six years ago they were taken off the endangered species list, but now face increasing death rates throughout the past couple of years.

They already face several challenges such as pollution, and boating accidents, but now they take on climate change as well.

The continuous change in the climate has caused sea levels to rise, changed the location and abundance of seagrass, and overall has affected the aquatic ecosystem.

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Manatees are herbivores so they rely on seagrass as their primary source of food, so the affects of climate change can be detrimental.

Though there is much adversity that manatees face, there are ways that you can help these creatures.

The nonprofit, “Save a Manatee” club provides a list of some of the things that people can do to protect manatees.

Report an Injury

If you spot an injured manatee make sure to immediately call the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922. A manatee may be in distress if they are floating high in the water, has open wounds, or is entangled in something. You should also call if you see anyone harassing one or see boaters speeding through a protected area. Visit the Save a Manatee website for the full list of what to look out for.


You can symbolically adopt a real manatee starting at $25 a year. With the adoption, you will receive a certification of adoption, biography of a real Florida manatee, more.

Standup for Manatees

From helping scientists monitor Florida Red Tide, to helping end the plastic pollution crisis, there are many ways people can advocate for manatees outside of the water. Minimizing the harm of these things will help with the survival of the species.


Another way you can help is by volunteering your time to educate others about the manatees. There are many opportunities to do this from festivals to becoming a manatee outreach ambassador that will spread the word.

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