ALMOST LUNCH: Awesome photos show alligator lunging for bald eagle in Orlando

Chris Holwell snaps crazy pics at Orlando Wetlands Park

Alligator seen attacking a bald eagle at Orlando Wetlands Park (Chris Holwell)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Images shared with News 6 on Monday show a strange sight — an alligator trying to eat a bald eagle in Orlando.

The photos were taken by Chris Holwell, a visitor from the United Kingdom, who said he witnessed the scene at Orlando Wetlands Park.

The pictures show a juvenile bald eagle along the wetland’s bank as an alligator approaches.

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Photo shows alligator along bank with bald eagle (Chris Holwell)

Eventually, the alligator lunges at the eagle, prompting the bird to take flight.

The alligator lunges at the eagle, which then takes flight (Chris Holwell)

The alligator snaps its head up to try to catch the bird, but the eagle was able to fly off before it could be snatched up, the images show.

Alligator reaches up to try to snatch the eagle (Chris Holwell)
The eagle manages to fly away before becoming lunch (Chris Holwell)

“This was my worldly Sir David off of Attenborough moment,” Holwell later wrote on Facebook. “Juvenile bald eagle nearly not seeing its next birthday.”

Meanwhile, there have been plenty of other stories of alligators eating unusual prey at the Orlando Wetlands Park. Just last month, a viewer shared images with News 6 of an alligator eating another alligator.

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