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Let us know how you’ve provided a loving home to a deserving pet!

Photo by Keith Dunlap (GMG)

Meet Lucy. The little white dog in the photo above was rescued above by our family, although most of the credit goes to my wife and daughters.

A few years ago, my wife saw a post from a friend on Facebook that this white dog had been found on the streets roughly an hour away from where we live, and so she and the girls decided to drive down and bring the dog back home.

Sure, it’s been a lot of responsibility (mostly inherited by yours truly (hee-hee)) to let out and take care of, but it’s felt good to provide a great life to an animal that seemingly was left for dead.

Of note, unknowing to us at the time she was found, Lucy was pregnant, and ended up giving birth to four puppies. However, three didn’t make it at birth, while another lived four years before passing away due to an enlarged heart.

But enough about our story.

Most importantly, we want to hear yours!

Do you have a pet that was rescued from a bad situation, and now has the life it deserves thanks to your love, sacrifice and devotion?

Click on the picture or link below, log in, select the pets category and then upload a photo of your choosing. And don’t forget to tell us your pet rescue story!

Share with us your pet photos! (GMG)

Share your photos, videos and tell us the story of your pet rescue!. Every pet deserves to have a good home, and don't be shy about sharing how you helped provide one for a neglected animal.

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