Orange County school board member heading to Capitol ahead of texting and driving bill vote

House expected to voted on amended HB 107 on Monday

Orange County school board member heading to Capitol ahead of texting and driving bill vote

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – News 6's efforts to drive change are coming to a major vote this week that would make the state's texting and driving law stricter. 

The state House of Representatives is expected to vote on House Bill 107, the texting and driving bill, on Monday.

Orange County school board member Angie Gallo is making the drive to Tallahassee this weekend so she can be in the chambers when the House is expected to vote.

"We've come close for a couple of years and it's finally, we're hoping fingers crosses, gonna really get over the threshold and pass," Gallo said.

Gallo also serves on the Florida PTA. The organization spent the last several years pushing to make the state's texting and driving law stricter.

The amended HB 107 passed a major hurdle in the Senate last week, after overwhelmingly passing in the House. 

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HB 107 would make texting and driving an primary offense, which means an officer could pull you over if you're caught texting and driving. It also makes it illegal to hold your phone while driving through construction or school zones.

Gallo said the amended provision will keep students safe.

"We have small ones walking to school, riding their bikes. I've seen parents in car line almost hit other cars because they're on their phones," Gallo said. "I think this will bring awareness and I think people will think twice before picking up their phone because it's a primary offense."

Gallo said she knows it will take time for drivers to change their habits if this bill becomes law. She said she is hopeful this will be the year we drive change and make Florida roads safer.

"Thank you for bringing attention to such an important thing, something we need to pass for such an important matter," she said. 

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