Floridians react to new texting and driving law

Law goes into affect July 1

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law Friday morning that will allow law enforcement officers to pull over drivers who are texting and driving. Florida is among the last few states to implement such a law, and it's been years in the making.

The new law not only elevates texting and driving to a primary offense, but also makes it illegal for drivers to hold a cellphone in either a school zone or a marked construction zone.

Though the new law allows police officers to proactively make the roads safer, the fines for texting and driving stay the same. A first offense will have a $30 fine and a second offense will have a $60 fine.

News 6 asked its audience how texting and driving has impacted their lives and they shared the following stories. 


Michele H. said on Facebook, “Run off interstate 95 by someone texting at 80miles an hour!”

Linda L. said on Facebook, “A friend of mine lost her mother by someone texting and driving five years ago.”

Jessie P. said on Facebook, “In 2017, I was stopped at red light and hit from behind by a driver who was texting. “

Steven M. on Facebook said, “A friend of mine almost got killed last year by someone who was texting and driving which caused his car to hit my friend's scooter. Now that this is a law, I won't rest until all of them who text and drive are forced to pay for their crimes by rotting behind bars for a long time.”