Check out these Orlando area yoga studios

Where you can strengthen your mind and body


ORLANDO, Fla.There is a saying in the yoga community that there is only one body type that works for yoga -- a body.

Whether you are a beginner looking to strengthen your mind-body connection or a seasoned yogi, Central Florida has a place for you to practice.

Yoga opens to the door to healthier living, both physically and mentally. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a routine practice strengthens your heart by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Studies also suggest that it can make you more productive and improve your memory

Yoga comes in many different forms, ranging from challenging hot yoga to slow, restorative Yin yoga. Combined, the studios listed below offer a wide variety of classes, so you can explore what works best for you. 


1. Altamonte Springs Yoga 

This friendly studio is for every type of yogi. ASY offers hot yoga (heating up to 100 degrees), warm yoga, yin yoga, kids yoga and more. Their mission is to honor and embrace each student's journey to personal growth, according to their website.  

2. Orlando Power Yoga 


Orlando Power Yoga teaches Hatha flow that focuses on the transition between each yoga pose in addition to the poses themselves. This creates a fast-paced flow and a great workout. You can find OPY in three different locations -- two in Orlando and one in Windermere. For more information check out their website

3. YogaMix Orlando

YogaMix Orlando has a boutique-style studio snuggled in the heart of downtown. If you are looking for a "modern twist on yoga," then this is the studio for you. YogaMix offers a number of fun classes such as muffin top meltdown and cardio dance in addition to traditional yoga classes. They even have sunrise yoga for the early birds out there. Visit YogaMix's website for more details.   

4. Elevate Yoga Center 

Many who are looking for a break in the fast pace city life come to Elevate Yoga Center, located in downtown Orlando. Soar with EYC's ariel yoga, yoga done in suspended hammocks, or get grounded with their Vinyasa, pilates and warm yoga classes. Go to their website for more information. 

5. Guruv Yoga 


Guruv has a wide range of classes for yogis to explore from upper-level vinyasa flows to Kundalini yoga, which seeks to activate dormant energy. For those seeking to dive deeper into the teachings of yoga, this studio also hosts mind/body workshops. Visit Guruv Yoga's two locations in Lake Mary and Dr. Philips and "leave your shoes, worries and ego at the door." To learn more about their classes, check out their website


Other great studios for you to visit: