Explore school with this Jurassic Park inspired backpack

Sprayground backpack now available online and in boutiques nationwide

Jurassic Park bag
Jurassic Park bag (Spayground)

It’s the backpack that has been 65 million years in the making.

Global backpack and accessory company, Sprayground, has unveiled an all-new back-to-school backpack that celebrates the iconic film, Jurassic Park.

“This new edition in partnership with NBC-Universal, has the iconic black and red OG Jurassic Park logo with a slick design to mimic the mouth of a Sprayground’s shark mouth art piece - creating the most coveted backpack among the Jurassic Park fans, who are all set to explore Isla Nublar while looking fresh,” officials described in a news release.

The backpack features an incredible fuzzy Jurassic Park logo from the 1993 film and a velociraptor claw on the zipper. Sprayground said the new design is the latest product to be sustainable, practical, and fashion-forward.

The backpack is available online and at exclusive boutiques nationwide.