FBI urges search in Michelle Parker case

150 volunteers search for missing woman; Bones recovered


ORLANDO, Fla. – At the FBI's urging, police again searched near the Carter Glen condominiums for Michelle Parker, who has been missing since 2011.

Sunday's search re-ignited near the Carter Glen condominiums, where Parker's ex-fiance, Dale Smith, lives.  Some bones were recovered in the search, but it's not known if they're human remains.

Investigators call Smith the prime suspect in her disappearance.  Smith has not been arrested and has custody of their twins.

Parker was reported missing after an episode of the TV show "The People's Court" aired, featuring the two in a dispute over her engagement ring.

Outside the front gates, volunteers held signs letting people passing by know that that was the area where Parker was last seen on Nov. 17, 2011, at 3:16 p.m.

Less than a mile away, Orlando police officers and search dogs scoured the wooded area off Goldenrod Road in the Lee Vista area for any sign of the missing mom.

Blocks away, more volunteers wearing Parker's face on their shirts headed into the woods by Lake Moss Park.

Even though some of these areas have been searched before, police said the FBI urged detectives to comb the area again.