Central Florida mom searches for daughter’s teddy bear

Daughter, 7, lost teddy bear at Walt Disney World

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – A Central Florida mother has made it her mission to help find her daughter's "security blanket."

The girl, 7, lost her teddy bear at Walt Disney World this week after getting on the ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom.

"He was very furry," second-grader Daliana Perry told News 6. "Sometimes, I give him a little voice."

He is a little golden bear. Monday, he was tucked away in the seat of a ride when he was accidentally left.

"I'm sad because he was one of my best friends," Daliana said.

It had been Daliana's security blanket since she was a toddler.

"He's just that constant that's just always there," said her mother, Christina Perry.

Adventures are nothing new for the pair.

"He hangs out with her. He goes to Disney with her, he goes to grandma, grandpa's," Christina Perry said. "When we realized, at first, that he was gone and she just burst into tears, it just broke my heart."

Christina Perry decided to go on a mission herself, a crusade.

"I mean, there's like Facebook, there's Instagram and Twitter, just been sharing out through there," she told News 6.

The posts have grabbed the attention of groups with more than 6,000 people.

"I keep saying that I need to put up little lost Teddy posters," she laughed.

As Teddy wanders, Daliana's mind does too.

"I think he could be with some little boy or little girl having new adventures," Daliana said.

Daliana fears new adventures without her.

"He got to go the [Walt Disney] Halloween party without us," she said.

"Teddy could be a world explorer by now, we don't really know," said her mother.

The family just hopes some how that adventure leads him back home.

Christina Perry told News 6 it could've been worse. She said she understands her daughter could have been the one lost, however, when your child is your world and they're hurting, you try to move heaven and earth for them, she said.

News 6 contacted Disney. A spokesperson said they have searched their lost and found and have had no sighting of Teddy.