News 6 anchor Bridgett Ellison expecting first child

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 morning anchor Bridgett Ellison announced Monday she is expecting her first child. Bridgett, married to local pastor and businessman Cyrus Ellison since 2012, is due April 2016.

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"We're over the moon excited! We've wanted to have a baby for a couple years now, but God has His own timing," Ellison said. "Now we're expecting in the same month as our wedding anniversary and my stepson's birthday!"

Ellison admits to encountering some struggles trying to conceive. "For many women, it's not easy," Bridgett said. "After my second miscarriage, I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors. No one could tell me if that was the reason I was having a hard time having a child or not, but after talking with doctors, a lot of research, prayer and talks with my family, I decided to schedule surgery to have the fibroids removed hoping to increase my chances of a successful pregnancy."

In preparation for the surgery, Bridgett decided to take more control of her health, making more changes to her diet and watching out for chemical exposure. "From hair relaxers to makeup, even body wash and lotions, I read labels more closely and stopped using or swapped out lots of products. I was determined. Giving up hair relaxers and caffeine were the hardest sacrifices! Then, a few weeks before surgery, I was feeling a little weird, so I took a pregnancy test. To our surprise, it was positive, so I canceled the surgery realizing God had other plans!"

Bridgett is hoping sharing her story will inspire other Central Florida families facing the same challenges to have hope. Bridgett Ellison has been with WKMG News 6 since 2011. You can watch her baby bump grow on the News 6 morning newscasts weekdays from 5-7am and at noon.

Rose Reid Photography
Rose Reid Photography