Teens nabbed after stealing 11-year-old girl's hoverboard, Volusia cops say

Girl's hoverboard given to her as Christmas gift

DELTONA, Fla. – Three teens are in trouble with the law after Volusia County deputies say they stole a girl's hoverboard on Tuesday afternoon.

A ride on a new Christmas toy turned into a scary situation for 11-year-old Tye Almany and her friend when a 16-year-old boy and two others stole their hoverboard.

"We went around the block and they asked us if they could ride it and I was like 'no,'" Tye said. 

But Tye said the boy wouldn't back down and asked again. 

"He was like 'I never ride it,' and I was like 'no.' So we went to go forward and he jumped out the car and pushed me," she said.

Tye said she fought back. 

"I started punching him in the back to try and get the hoverboard back and he wouldn't give it back so I like pushed his head and it hit the car," she said.

Deputies said the three teens took off in the car along with the hoverboard and Tye ran home to her foster mother for help.

"They remembered key things about the suspects, their vehicle and Volusia County was on it," said foster mother Heather Todd. 

Deputies said they caught the trio a few blocks over and arrested the teen on grand theft and robbery charges.

Todd said she's glad her children are safe, but is sad that their favorite Christmas gift is gone. 

"They've gone through enough and to have what they wanted for Christmas and they got it for Christmas and to have it for less than 10 days is pretty sad because they are all victimized," she said.

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