Officials reveal plan to deal with fights at Maitland Middle School

MAITLAND, Fla. – A day after school leaders met with parents at Maitland Middle School, the school district said that it has added extra security on campus.

Orange County Public Schools said that nine students are being help responsible for the incidents. However, because of student privacy, the district won't say which kids were involved in a physical fight at the school Friday or the social media threat that followed.

Jeff Peluso kept his 13-year-old son home from school on both Monday and Tuesday. Peluso attended Tuesday night's meeting, but left early.

"There wasn't any clarity to what they are doing about the problem," said Peluso. "It frustrated me and why I walked out of the meeting last night, the principal of the school who I feel close with and I've been friends with since my son has been attending here was kind of laughing about the subject and called it a typical middle school incident."
News 6 asked Orange County Public Schools what specifically is being done to help keep students safe and parents at ease. School officials would only say that they've added extra security and the original threat online doesn't appear to be credible. 

Peluso said that he's frustrated violence is becoming a common occurrence at the school, despite the principal saying otherwise.

"Why weren't there people supervising what was going on? And how did some young guy get his head smashed from what I heard from his mother last night, his head smashed into a table several times by a group of people," said Peluso.

Maitland police said it will have officers patrol the school more frequently to make sure parents feel at ease with the recent incidents at the school.

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