Video shows landscaper running over Donald Trump sign with lawnmower

Orlando HOA says man banned from neighborhood

ORLANDO, Fla. – An HOA says a landscaper has been banned from working in an Orlando neighborhood after a Facebook video showed him running over a Donald Trump campaign sign with a lawnmower.

A resident of the Citrus Chase subdivision posted the video to Facebook, saying, "Look at what our landscapers did..... I understand people may not like Trump but I have my rights to put this sign in my yard and it was no accident see for yourself!"

The video, which is time-stamped April 19, shows the landscaper mowing over the sign before backing up, placing the sign flat on the grass and apparently running it over at least one more time.

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The Chase Citrus HOA later replied to the man's Facebook post, writing, "The guy has been removed from the crew, he will not be allowed in our development any more."

Chase Citrus is located near State Road 435 and West Sand Lake Road, west of I-4.

According to code enforcement, there are several rules concerning campaign signs in yards.

•     Requires written permission of the land owner
•     Maximum allowable copy area is 16 square feet per lot
•     Maximum height shall be 8 feet
•     Not permitted within right-of-ways

Also, a political sign shall not be erected more than 90 days prior to an election or referendum, and it shall be removed within 10 days after the vote on the election, referendum or campaign issue, code enforcement said.

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