Shane Tomlinson celebrated in memorial concert

Celebration of life held at House of Blues

ORLANDO, Fla. – Hundreds of people crowded the House of Blues at Disney Springs Monday night to remember Shane Tomlinson, who was among those killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting on June 12.

Musical acts from most of the bands and groups Tomlinson had performed headlined a celebration of life, at which guests were asked to wear white.

"Shane was a great person," said CeCe Teneal. "He did everything in excellence, so it was important to us to put on a celebration of life that was grand."

Tenea performed with Tomlinson in Soul Commotion, the first band he joined when he moved to Orlando from North Carolina.

"Based on what has happened in this community, we all need each other," said Teneal. "There's no way we can get through this unless we lean on each other."

The musical acts ranged from gospel to rhythm and blues, from pop cover bands to a spoken word performer.

Tomlinson's best friend, Jai Saint, helped put the night together.

News 6 asked him what Tomlinson would be thinking as he watched the performance.

"He's going to be basically reading us, which is saying, 'I know you didn't wear that tonight,'" Saint said.  "That's who we was. His personality was always playful."

Saint said he's been busy answering investigators' questions and organizing memorials.

He said he hasn't had time to grieve yet.

He's hoping Monday night may be the beginning of what he says will be a very long road.

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