Deputies: Man breaks into home, assaults woman, tries to flee

Christopher Vinson charged with aggravated battery and false imprisonment


ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested an intruder they say assaulted a woman in a residence​ on Gorham Avenue in Orlando.

Deputies received a call from a witness telling them the suspect, Christopher Vinson, had attempted to enter the back of the house.

Vinson gained entry into the home and assaulted the victim, deputies said.

The victim tried to escape, but was grabbed by Vinson.

However, deputies were able to successfully get her to safety.

The SWAT team arrived while Vinson attempted to re-enter the same home, but he was challenged.

Vinson ran, but was stopped by a K-9 a few houses away, deputies said.

Vinson did not comply and received minor injuries when bitten by the police dog.

He was then transported to Winter Park hospital and was charged with aggravated battery and false imprisonment.