Report: Dismemberment suspect's ex-girlfriend feared for her life

Rafael Gonzalez charged with killing Olivia Diggs

ORLANDO, Fla. – The ex-girlfriend of a man now facing murder charges told police she feared for her life when she broke up with him last year.

The woman broke up with Rafael Gonzalez in February 2015, according to a police report obtained by News 6.

A week later, she told Orlando police he would show up unannounced at her two jobs, where she was working at a Family Dollar store and Universal Studios.

She said he would also call her at the two places relentlessly.

The woman told police he threatened to hit her if he saw her with another man. She said, "I fear for my life for the many reasons that I have told Rafael many times to leave me alone," according to the report.

Orlando police arrested Gonzalez and charged him with stalking.

According to court records, he pleaded no contest, and he served 180 days in the Orange County Jail.

On Thursday morning, Gonzalez faced a judge, answering to charges he killed and dismembered a single mother of three.

The body of Olivia Diggs, 32, was found in Lake Underhill three weeks ago, and OPD arrested Gonzalez on Monday.

Investigators believe Diggs and Gonzalez met on a bus on Aug. 19, and they said she was killed that night when she met him for beers at his home.

Detectives said it appeared Gonzalez tried to hide the blood in his bedroom, but they found it.

On Thursday, a judge ordered Gonzalez held in the Orange County Jail without the opportunity to post bond.

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