Avalon Park jewelry store targeted for 7th time, owner says

Glass smashed, jewelry stolen Easter morning

AVALON PARK, Fla. – It wasn't the Easter morning Tiffany Bayley was hoping for.

She woke up to thousands of dollars worth of damage at her jewelry store, Avalon Park Jewelers, Sunday morning.

"He pointed to this, to bust this and then they were just scooping everything up out of here," Bayley said.

It was just before 5 a.m. Sunday when four people broke into the store.

This is the seventh time her store has been targeted since she opened in the Avalon location in 2011.
Surveillance cameras caught four different angles of the robbery.

The thieves tried the back door first.

When they realized that wasn't working they moved to the front of the store.
The surveillance video shows one person smash the front door with what looks like a car jack.
Within seconds, they were inside.

"He flipped this one over back there. He flipped this one over right here and this one went through the wall," Bayley said as she described what the video depicted.

At one point, one of the robbers tried to hop a small gate that leads to the back office and register.
It's locked by a small latch.
When the robber couldn't figure it out, he or she jumped it unsuccessfully and fell to the ground.

[PICTURES: Avalon Park jewelry store burglarized]

"He hops the gate and opens the drawer and steals the change in the drawer. Like quarters and nickels and dimes and grabs hands full of change and sticks it in his pockets," Bayley said.

In less than two minutes, the thieves grab and destroy what they can.
Bayley said they stole a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise but it's costing her close to $100,000 dollars in damage.

"You have to wonder is there a better place for me. But, I love this community. I love Avalon Park and I have like the greatest customers in the world and they're loyal and they're kind. And I don't want to give that up," Bayley said.

Bayley said one of the robbers injured themselves in the process and left a trail of blood.

She says detectives were able to collect that for the investigation.