Orlando has third-best drivers in America, study says

Study done by QuoteWizard

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ORLANDO – You may think I-4 is a madhouse, but according to a new study Orlando has the third-best drivers in America.

The study, done by QuoteWizard, ranked the 75 major cities on a list of best and worst places to drive.

The rankings were a sum of weighted means calculated by accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations.

Using these four factors, QuoteWizard determined that Orlando ranked third on the list of America's best drivers. 

"Despite droves of theme-park addicted tourists, the numbers show that people in Orlando know how to drive. Perhaps the notorious 'Florida Man' avoids Orlando's roadways, because they're QuoteWizard's third best driving city. Surprised? So are we. Florida's drivers get their share of bad press, and Orlando faces some of America's worst traffic. And like Detroit, Florida suffers from large amounts of uninsured drivers. Regardless, Orlando's drivers are statistically excellent -- their accident rate was second behind only Detroit. Way to go, Orlando," the website wrote.

Miami is the only other Florida city to round out the top 10, coming in right after Orlando at No. 4.

Detroit and and Providence, Rhode Island, were the only two cities to beat out Orlando.