Man carjacked victim's truck, drove in circles for 30 minutes, police say

Convicted felon allegedly stabs truck owner before carjacking him​

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A Titusville man, upset that a friend wouldn't give him a ride, retaliated by stabbing the friend and taking his new truck for a joyride around the neighborhood, according to Titusville police.

The victim told police that, Derrick Clayton, 47, asked him for a ride early Wednesday morning, but he refused. The victim went to pick up his truck on Elizabeth Avenue, and Clayton showed up, according to the arrest report.

The two began to argue about the victim not giving Clayton a ride. During the altercation, Clayton pulled a knife out and stabbed the victim in the chest, causing a quarter-inch wound, police said.

"He was getting ready to get into his truck and Clayton approached him," said Amy Matthews of Titusville police. "They got into a verbal altercation and Clayton pulled out a knife and attempted to stab him and took his truck."

The victim tried to run away after Clayton cut the victim a second time on his arm, according to the report.
Clayton prevented the victim from leaving when he climbed into the victim's truck and drove away, the victim told police. The keys were still inside the truck, and the victim told police he had just purchased it a few days before.

Clayton continued to circle the neighborhood several times for about 30 minutes before returning to Elizabeth Avenue, according to the report.

The victim said that during this time, he was trying to chase down the truck because his wallet and phone were still inside.

Clayton is charged with aggravated battery and carjacking.

Wednesday afternoon, a Brevard County judge denied him bond during his first court appearance at the county jail.

"I've reviewed your prior history. I've reviewed the facts of this case. I don't think there's any bond I can set that can reasonably protect the community," Judge David Koenig said to Clayton.

Clayton's rap sheet is a long one, dating back to 1991.

He previously served two prison terms.

Reacting to his latest arrest, Clayton's brother James Murray told News 6 he wants his younger brother to take this advice and turn his life around.

"Make better decisions at what you're doing. That would be my message to him," said Murray.

With his record and his latest arrest being a violation of his probation, Clayton could get life in prison.