Pulse hero with PTSD to be let go from police force

Officer Omar Delgado has been on 'light desk duty' for past 8 months

ORLANDO, Fla. – An officer who was hailed as a hero after the Pulse nightclub shooting will be without a job at the end of the month.

Officer Omar Delgado, with the Eatonville Police Department, was one of the first officers to respond to the shooting at Pulse, pulling people to safety.

Delgado said that following a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, he's been on light desk duty. On Monday, however, Delgado said he was told he's being let go.

The Eatonville Police Department told News 6 that the town of Eatonville made a decision to terminate Delgado's employment on Dec. 31. The department declined to provide any further details. 

Delgado has letters from people around the world decorating the front door of his home. This is the same door Delgado said that he walked out of on June 12, 2016, only to return as a different person. 

"I came back physically, but not mentally," he said.

Delgado's emotional reunion with Pulse survivor Angel Colon in the hospital days after the massacre was shared millions of time around the world. 

Days after the shooting, the deputy chief spoke to the media, praising Delgado's heroic actions.

"Now it's all going away in two or three weeks," Delgado said. "My career is going to be over."

Delgado said he's been on desk duty for the past eight months.

"Due to my PTSD and my emotional state ... obviously, I can't do police work anymore," he said.

Delgado said he spent almost 10 years on the force. 

"This holiday is going to be a rough one," he said. "What we witnessed and saw -- no man should have ever seen that."

Delgado and his supporters plan to address the council during Tuesday night's town hall meeting.

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