Day care worker charged in boy's hot van death to be released on bond

Deborah St. Charles can now have contact with children

ORLANDO, Fla. – The former Orlando day care worker charged in connection with the death of a 3-year-old boy who was left inside a hot van will now be able to get out of jail. 

Deborah St. Charles has been in jail since August after investigators say she forgot Myles Hill inside a day care van for hours.

St. Charles was recently granted $2,500 bond, down from her original $30,000 bond, but was not able to leave jail because release conditions meant she would not be able to be around children 18 and under.

The home she was to be released to housed two teens, including her own.

The Department of Children and Families testified before a judge Wednesday morning that St. Charles was not believed to be a danger to children. Her attorney then requested less strict release conditions, adding that St. Charles was sorrowful.

"She's very sad about all of this, so that's her demeanor. This isn't a normal, this isn't a normal kind of case. This is not, this is just very, very sad," attorney Jeffrey Dean said.

The judge granted St. Charles release on bond, but with stipulations that she could not be unsupervised with children 8 years old or younger and that she could not work in a day care.

However, she has no restrictions with older children.


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