Employee steals over $18K from Disney Springs Coca-Cola store, deputies say

Man said he needed money for girlfriend's birthday and mom's rent


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – An employee at the Coca-Cola store in Disney Springs was arrested after it was discovered that he stole over $18,000 from the store over the course of 18 months, deputies said.

The store manager told deputies that Joshua Strickland, 26, stole $18,060.78 from the cash registers at the Coca-Cola store during his employment, according to a written statement.

Strickland admitted to his former manager that he stole between $7,000 and $10,000 from cash registers, deputies said. According to the report, Strickland offered to pay back $7,000 to the company and gave the manager $1,000 right away. The manager said he then stopped paying back his debt, deputies said.

The manager told deputies Strickland said he stole the money to help pay his mom's rent, help his friends in need and also used the money for his girlfriend's birthday.

Deputies were given a USB thumb drive with 12 videos and two photos of Strickland pocketing money from the cash registers, according to the report.

Strickland was charged with grand theft third degree of $10,000 or more.