Disney dream home hits the market

Windermere home has every room decorated Disney-style

WINDERMERE, Fla. – A house for sale in Windermere is a Disney lover's dream inside and out, and it's gotten a lot of traction online.

But neighbors say they're sad to see it go.

"I don't want them to leave, I really don't," neighbor Nancy Murphy said. "Best neighbors you could ever ask for. They love children."

The house is anything but normal and it's officially on the housing market.

The listing, public on Zillow, shows every room in the house decked out Disney style, including a Mickey Mouse kitchen to six bathrooms, including Tinkerbell flying above.

Neighbors say it's what this family does for the holidays that has turned them into a fan favorite in the community.

"Every nook and cranny of that house and lawn was a solid figure of Disney (such as) Mickey Mouse (and) Donald Duck," neighbor Sean Coamey said. "When people ask where I live, the landmark is, Well you know, the Disney house? Well, I live across the street." 

The listing on Zillow shows the house on the market for $888,000 and it's gotten more than 120,000 views in the last month. Neighbors said the seven-bedroom house gets a view of the Magic Kingdom's fireworks every night over the lake, sitting just three miles north of the Disney park.

"I have the view of the lake," Murphy said. "I have their house. It's just great. Every time I see them working in the garage, (I say) 'You're breaking my heart. i don't want you to leave.'"

There are no buyers yet but neighbors say it is bittersweet and that it'll take a special kind of Disney fanatic to buy and love the house just as it is.

Here's the listing link on Zillow