Florida Highway Patrol to install 360-degree cameras on patrol cars

The Florida Highway Patrol is now rolling out new 360-degree cameras that will outfit every patrol car in the state.

The cameras are placed in the front, rear, and both sides of the car, as well as inside to face the back seat. Florida troopers are among the first in the nation to have the high-definition technology.

Troopers say it's for accountability and safety. The new cameras capture what body cameras may not be able to and at farther distances.

Certain motions and actions, such as turning on the blue lights or pulling the gun out of the holster will trigger the cameras. Troopers would have to deliberately turn the cameras off, and there are strict protocols against it.

Also, each officer wears corresponding mic packs to pick up conversations when cameras are on. FHP is still calculating costs, but say in the end the cameras will save time and money

"Look at it this way, you got video of a traffic stop, DUI, whatever it may be. You go to court with this video, are the attorneys going to want to fight it when they've got actual video evidence?"  Lt. Tim Freebern said.

FHP will equip more than 2,100 cars statewide with the cameras.